Push Down
Bottle Openers
(Actual Postage + $2.00 Handling Fee)
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Hawaiian Design Bottle Openers!
Easy to use!  Just place over bottle and quickly press down!
POP! Cap comes right off with ease!
(Caution:  DO NOT TWIST)
$8.50 each or 4 for $30.00

Designs Top Left to Right:  Hula Smile, Tiki Surfer
Bottom Left to Right: Bolt Honu, Hibiscus 01, Dancing Tiki

Designs Top Left to Right:  Floral Honu, Dolphin
Bottom Left to Right: Gekko. Hibiscus 02, Frog

Designs Top:  Aloha Skull
Bottom Left to Right: Slippas, Luau Feet

(Design availability varies- Please contact us before ordering. MAHALO!)

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